Friday, May 29, 2009

Through a Poet's Eyes

We have begun learning about poetry this week and how to look at things with a poet's eyes. On the blog, type the poem you started yesterday in writing. Finish writing your special poem, being sure to use line breaks!




Help theirs a shark in the water.

its gray its ugly with fangs in rows. Id better get out will I still have chance.

AAAAh! It got me it got me.

Oh ha ha its a dog sorry every body for beeing dramtick in front of you all.

by Ethan patino

Tyrese said...

How I Think Third Grade Will Be

I think third grade will be as
nice as a flower and as bright
as me. Third grade will be nice
I know it all.

When I am in third grade I know
I will have alot friends like
a sweet batch of cookies.

By:Tyrese Smith

nina said...


Oh school oh school I love school.

You can learn so many things like about fish,lifecycles,and chicks.

Even sweet kind teachers teaches you cool stuff and eats lunch with you.

They care about you. Even when you get hurt and you are bleeding they will give you a band aid because they care about you.

By Nina Esquerdo

Jade said...


My art is like a tool
and a glove.
When I use it like a rach it gets all messed up.
Even when I use as a gluve it gets all dirty up.
One day my art said I like being my self.
by jade knight

Ryan Noah said...

Video Game

My video games are like a maick
that tacs me
on atvichors
that I never sen
befor in my mind.

My video games
are like
a pesu of
wind that
tacks me
to butforl
parst that
are so
By Ryan Noah.

Essiah said...


My football playing is like a real football player I run like a cheata.

My throwing is like a rocket high in the air going fair.

My football is like a tornado because it spin like a tornado.

Also my football throwing is like a HARD rock.


JESUS said...

Something fun with my sister

One day my sister was useing her new bike. She try to step on my finger.

I said stop when my sister said stop she try to hit me.

Next when I look back I trip in her bike.

She was laughing at me because I broke my littel bike when I was a baby.

My sister didn't stop laughing at me becaues it was a menory.

Tyrina said...

New Book
My new book is great and I ben cring around the hold school and I got an fravite part in the book and it is page 25.

And I ben reading eveywere I go and it is fun to read.

And it is sad to.

It is pink.

And I what to read it to my class

by. Tyrina

German said...


When we changing the chanel my brother saw Spongbob he was watching it stell.

He was steel wathching that stell then I was wathing it to then it was horible it was about Spongebob geting bet up and patrik to he is pink and Sponge bob is yellow.

by German

Elijah said...

Funny curcus
Have you been to the curcus? Because I been when I first got in the red tent.
I sat on a bench I was happy as a callerpiller.
When the curcus started I got a toy It was hard and colorful.

by Elijah

Kamryn said...

The color pink

The color pink is cool but some boys and girls thinks it stinks

Pink is light and it's lighter then the night time.

Pink is pink!

Pink do you need a soda to drink?

Pink who do you think likes you the most?

Pink I know who likes you Mrs.Fisher and Mrs.Arnett does.

By Kamryn Kirby

Montsserrat said...


Dr.Seuss makes a lot of good books.
He shod use them for his shows.

Dr.seuss maks a lot of funny and raning books.
He shod make them out of cake.

Dr.Seuss is a good ather.
But instad for a shuw.


Reginald said...

Miss Foster's baby

On a stormy night I heard a loud a
sounit was a baby crying.When walked in the room I saw Mrs.Foster.

It sounded like a baby laghfing in my own ears.

As soon as the baby smiled I cried loudly for God sake.

When I first opend the door the baby flew by.

But wait a minute the baby flew out
the window.

Mrs.Foster said hurry!"said Mrs.Foster hi's going to get hurt.But then the baby said his name was Matthew.

By Reginald

hasna said...

Hannah Montana

Oh Hannan Montana so nice so sweet so good to she sings she telled she messed up.

She made it out it was okay but it was just not like her.

She got a troffi it was gold, withe and pink it was her favrit one. But she lost it but she "said it was okay.

Ivanna said...


Science is my thing. You can study
cocatoos. Cocatoos are birds.They are vegetarians also. They are fethery

Another thing is you can study
elaphents. There vegetarians also.
There lethery too.

Natalie said...

I'm going to cook a egg for this Turkey day.
It's going to have garlic inside of it.
I'm using my own (recipie)
I dump some sugar in the egg (orso) and dump a few raisins in the egg.
All I haveto do is bake it of course. Wait! what's that awful smell? It dosen't really looks right let me get atiny slice yuck it tasts bad!

da'qwan said...

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