Friday, May 22, 2009

Changes in our classroom!

We have experienced both some sad and exciting changes in our classroom over the past few days. We were very sad to say good-bye to Ms. Foster as she left to take care of her new baby boy. We were also very excited to welcome Ms. Fisher to our classroom for the remainder of the year.

Describe the feelings you have felt over the past two days. What will you miss about Ms. Foster? What makes you excited about having Ms. Fisher in the classroom?


Tyrese said...

In our classroom there has been alot of changes becuse Miss.Foster is off to have her baby boy.
The canges in our classroom is Miss.Foster is gone that means that we have a subatutte teacher.
My feeling of Miss.Fosters gone is becuse I think Miss.Foster is the best teacher so far. I love Miss.Foster verey much!!!
I am exsiteing that we have Miss.Fisher!!! I think Miss.Fisher is a graet sbtute teacher.
I hope that Miss.Foster comes back soon like a cheta.

Kamryn said...

I felt sad when Mrs.Foster and Mrs.Arnett was crying.I was crying so bad I cryed like a baby.My daycare teacher could'nt com me down and my mom could'nt ether.I felt so sad I cryed all night.I am so happy that Msr.Fisher is here!She is very funny.She is always prity.She is very helpfull and she has manters.

Essiah said...

Yesterday Mrs.Foster left to have her babby boy I felt sad every body was crying when she left.We got her signecher.What I will miss of Mrs.Foster is her funny jokes she made us laff.What makes me excited to have Mrs.Fisher for are new teacher is saw I can learn diffrent things.I hope that every body act like they do. How would you feel when your teacher leave would you feel sad?

Jade said...

Over the past few days Ms.Foster have ben gone.I am sad becus I have not ben whith Ms.Foster that much I only ben whith her only 5 moth.The exsieding news is that we have somebody else to wach us and that would be Ms.Arnnt and Ms.Fisher.So the new thechcher is kind of geting to now us relly well.I think she has a grat personnalte.Made by jade knight.

Hasna said...

What I miss about Mrs.Foster is to see her with her baby in her Tummy. Because when Mrs.Foster was here she had the baby. Another thing I miss about her is that she also taught us a lot of things. The excting thing about Mrs.Fisher staying in the class room is that we could tell her how we do stuff in the class room.

Elijah said...

When mrs.Foster left I was very sad my tears were white and puffy. When I got in line I gave her a BIG hug. Im exsighted because Mrs.Fisher gets to learn calendar and all of us teach her!

German said...

When Mrs.Foster was her last day we have some fun then we play in the competer then we played outside then we was sad because Mrs.foster left then we was seeying a move. Then we had fun then we is not comeing no more she will show us the picter of her bsby when Mrs.fisher came she will be are teacher all day she will be suptot all day.

JESUS said...

When Mrs Foster was in school we all cry for Mrs. Foster. We was sad because Mrs Foster was going to the Dr. We feat so sad like a dog behide it was so sad for us & for Mrs. Foster. We all was crying Montsserrat,Ethan,Natalle & Hasna were crying for Mrs Foster. Yay! Mrs Fisher is here we was so happy to see Mrs Fisher. And we was so happy that Mrs Fisher is going to stay here for the rest of the yesy.

nina said...

I felt sad that Mrs.Foster left. But I'm happy that Mrs.Fisher is here. I miss about Mrs.Foster that she always touht us cool and new things. I'm exited because Mrs.Fisher is in the class. I'm exited that Mrs.Fisher is in the classroom because she is nice and pretty. She is even helpful.

Tyrina said...

I will miss Msr.Foster she is the best thecher and I all write a letters and I all will miss her evey day I when I leve and. That why I got Mrs.Foster name on my fuzzye top. And I miss you for ever too. I'm exited because Mrs.Fisher is in my classroom. And she is so and I don't what her to leve in my classroom.

ETHAN said...

I felt sad when Mrs Foster had to leave. My teachers crided beceacse Mrs Foster was going to miss us. I got sad when I got home. Then I watched the viedo she burned for all of us. I really miss her. Do you miss her as much I do?

I feel exied that we get to have another teacher in the class room.

Reginald said...

How I feel about saying good bye to Mrs. Foster is that I felt very
sad.How I felt about Mr.s Fisher I
felt happy.I feel very sad
for Mr.Foster.But I feel happy for
Mrs. Fisher.Im so happy to have
Mrs. Fisher in our classroom!

da'qwan said...

One day it was a Log day but at the
end uv the day.Evey bitty was Kriing. And me to.
I will mis mrss foster because wut
aboat the funny good stufl.
An she is niss.

Montsserrat said...

Yesterday Mrs.Foster left because she is going to have the baby. Then when I turned around Mrs.Foster & Mrs.Arnett was crying. Next I saw Tyrese was crying to. Then I told Natalit to not cry . Then I felt sad but I did not cry. After that I saw Ivanne crying to even Jade was crying. Then the song saw playing that made them cry more. In the song it said there is no one like you that what Mrs.Foster said. That made me sad. Then they called the buses and on the bus I saw crying.MrsFoster give use a jumprope to play and a nicklace. For the boys got a water ball and a snack.Im happy to have Ms.Fisher in our class because we can teach her how we do our morning work on the smartbord. Are you happy to have Mrs.Fisher?