Thursday, June 4, 2009

An Amazing Year

You are almost finished with second grade! What will you always remember about this school year?


Ms. Arnett said...

Wow! What an amazing year this has been! We started off with 16 students...added our friend Lloyd...then he had to leave...but then we added Jade to complete our class of 17.

I had so much fun working with Ms. Foster this year. I have learned how to use the Smartboard, how to successfully run Centers, how to teach students to LOVE reading, and many, many more things by working with her. Most of all I have gained a special and life long friendship.

Through my students I have learned to be a bit more patient, been given more love and hugs then I will ever deserve, and fallen more in love with the idea of teaching students how to value themselves and their lives.

Some days have been harder then others, like when Ms. Foster had to say goodbye to have her sweet baby. But I have realized that there is always joy on the other side, as when we were greeted with the presence of Ms. Fisher.

This year has been fabulous. I would live every single day over again if I could.

My hope for my students is that they known they are truly valued and special. There is no one like them on this entire planet. They deserve joy and happiness in their lives and peace and love in their hearts. I will always remember them and most of all I will always love them.

Essiah said...

What I will always rember abaout second grade is when Mrs. Foster left so she can have her babby. The recen I will rember this beause everyone in are class was sad because Mrs.Foster left for the whole year. Also I will rember everyone in are class names and my teacher names. Mrs.Arnnet Mrs. Fisher and the best Mrs.Foster thank you I have enjoyed second grade with every body in my class. Would you be sad if your teacher will leave? And will you cry? To Mrs. foster enjoy having your babby. And Go Gaters! I loved this second grade year. And I will remember about a smile that you do.

Nina said...

I will always remember the laughter we use to share. I will even remember my class that cared about evrey one. I will remember my sweet teachers. I will even remember my nice class mates. I will even remember about strong beggings and closeing sentices. I will remember about a simle. What will you remember in your class?

Ryan said...

I will rember the fun things we did to gether we played to gether. I will rember all the fun things we lornd to gether lond abat math. I will rember the funny things we did to gether win we playd a trick on Mrs.Fostor. I will rember eveythang that hapin in this class.

Kamryn said...

I remeber when Mrs.Foster tought us how to get on Foster's Futures. Then a couple days she was pregnet and she had to go.Before she left she shode us a video of our memmuries of second grade.She also gave us a neckless and a jump rope with my name and her name.She was crying she was making me sad.We were getting kids and teachers to sighn papper.Go Gatters!Second grade rules!

Natalie said...

During this year we made oobleck with Mrs. Smith it smelled nasty, yucky & Mrs. Smith put food color in it. It was green we feeled it it was slippery ,slimy,sqishy . We all got to see it slime & we got to make some of our own . That's what I made with oobleck.

German said...

All of the things and second grade it so fun because we go to alot of filtrips .And mrs.foster had her babby and its cool in second grade I like math and rating and we learnd alot of things at secont gred. And we learnd money to and all that things and I like second grade so much and we change all are things we don't go to specal no more and I like the filtrip and I like to do fun things. And I like to and we go outside and I got alot of friends at bolton and I like my friends. at my class room and we play together and I love my friends and I love my techer and like my school.

JESUS said...

I have learn about how to use my baers in scool. And how to be kind with pepoel like saiding pleas or thank you. I learn to that we shoud not tock when the teach is tocking. What did you learn from your teach? Like saiding kind thing at the luch room or in the play groud or in the class room. We learn about reading and how to rite like a aouth befor we are not going to for get that. We learn about how to use a comeputer like not let it fall in the floor because it when brack.

Jade said...

This year we are writing the last blog post.I am going to wrhith evry thing I lerned this year well not evry thing.I am going to start whith writing .I like to ues stong beginnin those are making a good begining.Now lets move on .We have not talked about reading is thinking that helps us read and think . Do you have a favrit thing that your thecer thout you mine is adjectives? And I will alwasy miss you.

Montsserrat said...

It is the lest of the school year.I well mess my frinedes and my sacen gred thechrers Mrs.Foster and Mrs.Aernett.My faberi thing of the sacen gred wthen we had the seiencs fer es pishley wthen we had the tern to make tonados with Mrs.Foster and Mrs.Aerntt.My next fabert part is wthen we eat with the pepol that did not came to the class room erley and did not got call erley in the afternoon.That persen were me German & Essiah & Kamryn and other pepol.That was the gerat day I had.Evey one that came got a candy.My other oe is wthwn we rest in P.E even Mrs.Aerntt rest to.Now I fell so sed that Mrs.Foster left.But we stell have Mrs.foter best frined and that is Mrs.Aernett.Now I thick that Mrs.Foster is have fun with the baby.This has ben the best sacend gred yeard.We mess you Mrs.Foster.

Tyrese said...

Coll!!! The most inport thing in my second grade class is my friends becuse with out the friends I have now I won't have to play wih at reses and no won to talk to at lunch.
Essiah is the won who can teache me to trow a high spiroll.
German is the won that can help me kick higher than before.
Mosterratt can tell me how to tyep faster.
Iavanna can teach me how to make a cat caterpolt.
Etan can help me read beter than last time.
Jade can help me in siettice way better than last time.
Nina can help me in math better than last time.
Miss.Fisher,Miss.Arnett,and Missfoster can help me get to third grade.
What do you think is inportint in secodet grade?

Elijah said...

In second grade we learned calelendar helps people write dates. And When people is adding they use three cicles and put the numbers in it. when we do reading
is thinking we write ower thinking on paper and read books.

Ivanna said...

I will always reamember the stuff
that I lernd in second grade.
I will also reamember everry body.
I will reamember the books that
we read.I will reamember the
stuff that we wrote in writeing.

Tyrina said...

I will always reamber my thchers becauase I'm go to miss them in 3 grade. I will talk about and think about too. I want to meet them when I get in 3 grade.And I love them. I love 2 grade.

Reginald said...

The most nices thing we did in second grade was give out valentines candy.The funnest thing we did in second grade was the sience surcus.The coolest thing we did in second grade was being a
siencetest.The coolest we did or sience was making jellow.The mot fun was eating icecream with Mrs.Sorensen.I had a great year in second grade.

fre said...

I will rember my best teacher and Mrs. Foster and Mrs. Fisher and Mrs. Arnnet. And I will remember my best freiends I hade and I will remeber when Mrs.Foster when she left. We are going to miss Mrs. Foster because she left the schooll

ETHAN said...

I had an amazing year at Bolton Elementry in second grade. I love second grade because we got to do the blog post every friday and got to pick our very own seats every day. I also love that where the only class in the hole school get to pick our very own seats. Second grade in Mrs.Fosters class its awsome because we get to work with all this tecnolgy . Every friday I am so exsited to do about the blog post because we get to write about sernt things like letting the panted ladys go and the Alexzander and the Butter Fly Farm its so cool in Mrs.Fosters and Mrs.Arrnets second grade class. Its amazing how other pepole say school is boring but not in Mrs.Foster and Mrs.Arrnets class room its amzing in this class room because we get to go on fun feild trips and go on the blog post every friday and espeshelly all the tecnolegy in the class room and all are own seats every day and all the amazing feild trips we go on and the best one was Alexzander And The Horrible No Good Very Bad Day it was so funny andit was a play to so thats how I spent the best year of my entire life time hear on the planet earth because Mrs.Foster and Mrs.Arrnets second grade class room with all my freinds in my class room.